Transience: Solo Exhibition


Transience / Nov 2018

Transience is a window into Jaimi Joy's evolution as a sports and adventure photographer. This exhibition showcases her personal and professional work over the past two years.

Jaimi travelled through the US shooting portfolio work in mid-2016, and returned with the reinvigorated sense of purpose which informs her new body of work. Jaimi was inspired by the athletes she worked with and the adventurous people she met. Her own call to adventure was reignited too. Integrating the simplicity and free spirit of that trip into her everyday life became an important part of her creative process. Jaimi's sense of daily adventure became a reality in the form of a brown van named Coco, that she reimagined as her own studio apartment. Since the conversion, it has become both Jaimi's primary home and transport to capturing adventure.

Jaimi Joy's current personal work focuses on sharing stories of fearless women in sport and the outdoors who are doing wondrous things within their communities. Her intention is to inspire more women to participate in sport and the outdoors. Growing up as an elite junior athlete, and as a climber today, Jaimi is excited to represent women.